LIBERTY'EVENTS is above all a state of mind: defending the interests of our clients. We consider that part of our salary is based on the satisfaction of those who entrust us with a mandate. As a result, we systematically seek, and most often succeed, in negotiating preferential rates with all our partners.


LIBERTY'EVENTS is then a showcase of Swiss exclusive artists from various musical backgrounds. We’ve chosen them solely because our subjectivity and the quality of their artistic commitment.

LIBERTY'EVENTS is also a selection of exciting shows and renowned plays.

LIBERTY'EVENTS has more than 25 years of experience in the field of music and prestigious events. An experience that extends far beyond the borders of Switzerland, from Eastern Europe (Romania, Greece), through the Middle East (Israel, Dubai, Turkey) and North Africa (Tunisia, Morocco).


Do you have any special wishes? A little crazy dreams?
We will be happy to help you make them come true!


It is not without reason that we have chosen to use the word " Liberty ". This leaves us to consider all things, even the most eccentric.



P.O. Box 633 - 1920 Martigny 1

+41 22 575 25 10


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